Matthew Zapruder is the author of two poetry-collections, AMERICAN LINDEN (Tupelo, 2002) and THE PAJAMAIST (Copper Canyon, 2006), a translation, SECRET WEAPON: THE LATE POEMS OF EUGEN JEBELEANU (Coffee House, 2007), and is an editor at Wave Books.
What kinds of foods have you seen students eating in class?
Hamburger, Snickers bar, cous cous, milkshake, G.O.R.P., something in a tube, smoothie, chicken salad, steak sandwich. And I don't actually even allow eating in class.
What is the largest meal you have had immediately before or after a class?
Before class. Bowl of chili, large Greek salad with grilled chicken, steamed cauliflower, coffee, frozen yogurt.
Did you ever spill coffee on a day that you also taught class?
I find it impossible not to spill coffee a little bit on my hands or pants when I get it to go with those plastic containers.
You came into Angelica Kitchen while I was working one time and ordered a special and ate it really quickly. I thought you were a nice customer because you didn't take a long time to order or seem like you would complain about anything even if there was a bug in your food or something. Do you remember that? Can you describe your experience of doing that?
You pretty much describe my experience. I was surprised to see you. You asked me if I knew that you worked there, and I said, "no. I just wanted some healthy food." Or something like that. I was coming back from the gym and felt weird first of all because you are a friend, or at least someone I know, and you were suddenly serving me for money which felt irresolvably uncomfortable and wrong, and second of all because I was wearing gym clothes, and I felt self-conscious about being a person who goes to the gym. Am I a horrible bourgeois? Why was I not serving you? Anyway the food was really good but I ate it very quickly, first of all because I always eat too fast and second because I felt awkward being your "customer" and third because I was wearing gym clothes and thought maybe you would think that I always walk around like that.
What is Wave Books publishing in 2009 and 2010 and are there plans for more anthologies after State of The Union?
In 2009 Wave is publishing individual books of poetry by Noelle Kocot, Maggie Nelson, Chelsea Minnis, Rachel Zucker and Joshua Beckman, as well as Dara Wier's Selected Poems.

We have no plans for more anthologies, though we are not opposed to it either. If an anthology that seems really necessary, in that it really contributes to a greater understanding of poetry and the world, comes up, we will try to make it happen.


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